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If your goal is to find effective complementary medicine to help you enjoy optimum health, energy and wellness, then you have come to the right place!




White Clinic offers professional holistic medicine.  If you need remedial massage, acupuncture, reflexology and hopi ear candle treatments you will find an experienced professional in Paige White BSc, BA, BTEC.  She is qualified both in the UK and in the USA to practice acupuncture. She is committed to the highest standards of practice in her profession with a variety of advanced qualifications earned since her graduation from an intensive three-year degree course in acupuncture with prestigious Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors.

Paige offers effective therapeutic tools to help you to embrace life and wellness and avoid dis-ease.  We all need more comfort and ease in our lives.  Taking the time to take good care of yourself is the key to enjoying good health and wellbeing.  Slowing down and having a treatment often provides the mental and physical space needed for you to find a more natural balance.  Acupuncture is particularly effective for chronic pain and women’s hormonal issues.  Paige has done extensive post-graduate training in working with women with unexplained infertility and issues in pregnancy.

But sports people are also well served by a regular MOT with Paige, especially the advanced massage and acupuncture combination.  Whether you are just a little worn out from the stress and strains of life or have a chronic health issue, holistic medicine may help you feel better.  And, perhaps, boost your missing or depleted mojo.  Studies are increasingly showing how taking down your stress levels can affect your health profoundly.  Taking some time to really take care of your health and relax with professional holistic medicine is wise in the busy stressful modern world.

Please ring if you’d like to find a more natural path to health and wellbeing.   I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, just give me a ring on 07788842820